(Wednesday, February 07, 2007)

I must admit that after that last delicious post about all sorts of bath tea concoctions, I have been lost somewhere quite steamy and foggy... but it isn't my bath tub! That's not to say I haven't enjoyed a bath or three or more, but I've been bogged down with a bugger of a cold.

The thing about colds and illness that irritates me is how far behind it puts me. I am a firm believer in rest, rest, rest, when your body's telling you to -- so I haven't enjoyed one of my usual daily/nightly walks for the better part of a week. That's how long this congestion has been pestering me! Not to mention the inspirations I've been feeling (the mind is willing, the body is not!) to take out my box of charcoals and get messy. Plus, I've been concocting up bath tea and salt recipes, and experimenting with some delightful ideas... I think these will be a real treasure once I get some cooked up!

One thing I do slightly enjoy about being ill, if I must be, is lemon-flavored Theraflu. A hot mug of this stuff just pleases me to no end, and relaxes me beyond belief! So, last night, after realizing how much I do love this part of being ill, I decided that someone else must enjoy hot lemon drinks as much as I have come to, and therefore there must exist a recipe somewhere, for something as delicious as this (minus the acetaminophen and such!). It was then that I discovered.......

Canarino! The Classic Italian Hot Lemon Beverage!

The best part about it is that there seems to be no sugar in it and in fact... really nothing in it, aside from natural ingredients (lemon peel). Better believe I'm going to order myself a batch of this very soon, once I shake this cold. Until then, though, I'll settle for enjoying my evening mug of Theraflu, curled up, hoping to feel better tomorrow!

Until next,
-xo Meg

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Whee! Your new template is awesome- so pretty in pink! I love it!
I am so sorry to hear about your cold, Meg, but it sounds like you have been busy all the same! I am excited about all the new recipes!
Give me a buzz sometime and I can fill you in on some of the massage stuff!
Hope you feel better today!
-xo Regina

Posted byBlogger Regina Clare Jane @ 1:55 PM #

omg, meg, i laughed out loud when i read boyfriend has always made fun of me b/c i drink lemon flavored Theraflu when i'm not sick! i must try this new drink of yours...
(love the new template by the way!)

and excited about your SHOP!!! :)

Posted byBlogger ruby @ 2:13 AM #

I was so confused when I got here. Where am I? this place is not on my fave blog list.. what?? And the, I realized. Sweet poet herself, this is Meg's new house. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!11 It is lovely!! Please get well soon, and if you can handle gralic and ginger, I have a major cold reliever for you.

Posted byBlogger @ 11:27 AM #
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