(Monday, January 14, 2008)

Why... do I have such trouble going through with things I start? This blog project is a perfect example. Now, of course, the first year of marriage has had its own challenges and has taken up (in a good way) so much of me, made me see myself for who I am, etc., that I haven't had much energy to do much else...

But I always find myself coming back to wanting a place like this, to force myself to stick to the inspirations I acquire, to follow through with them, to DO exactly what I WANT to DO. And don't!

So now I will try again. This time, with the knowledge that it doesn't always come naturally. That I can't expect to wake up every day and feel ready for the world, inspired, or even feel like thinking about anything but what has to be done this day. But it's time to follow through with something... in fact, many things!

But I'll start slow.

Until next,
-xo Meg

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