Letters and Postcards and Other Adventures!

(Monday, June 11, 2007)

I've been feeling under the weather and having very, very strange dreams! But tomorrow, in the event that I (hopefully!) feel better, I may have some adventures in mind. Even if they just take place on my new living room floor.

I'm thinking lately of how much I love letters, and how I can't remember the last time I received one. I used to have a pen pal when I was young who lived in California, but it was almost like a phase that we grew out of. I don't know anyone who lives far away...

But writing letters would be therapeutic, I'm sure, in a journal form. My therapist once had me write a letter to my birth father, without the pretext that I was going to send it. I ended up sending it, but what if I chose someone to whom I'd never send the letters?

We used to have to do this exercise when I was in kindergarten or first grade, writing journal entries, sorts of "letters," to the person of our choosing. At first, I wrote to an imaginary girl named "Daphne." Then, I started writing to the "Dolphins" football team. Who knows why! I must share some of those silly entries!

So I wonder, if I wrote letters in a journal, to whom would I write? Do any of you do this? Hmm....

Until next,
-xo Meg

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Hello Meg,

I had a pen pal, that I happened on by chance. She was an older woman and loved getting pictures and letters and small gifts from me, and I got them from her too. I live in Arizona, she lived in NJ. We never met in real life, but wrote letters for about 4 years. She died last month of cancer, and I miss her terribly! I often walk past the card isle at the store and think, Oh Eleanor would like this card! Only to remember she is no longer there to recieve it. I find writing VERY therapudic, although mostly I complain!! lol Good luck to you!!

Posted byBlogger MomThatsNuts @ 8:33 PM #

i had pen pals when i was younger, too. i still exchange snail-mail with some girlfriends from college and i love getting mail! you might like this website www.letterlover.net. i'm reading her book now, and i really like it! if you'll send me your address, i could be a new pen pal. :)

i also did the "unsent letters" thing -- mainly to old boyfriends. fortunately i didn't send most of them. haha!

Posted byBlogger ruby @ 10:14 PM #

I had a pen pal from Germany when I was a kid- and from somewhere else, I think as well... maybe it was England because I almost remember us sharing how much we weighed and I had to look up how much a stone was!
I have never written any letters in a therapeautic kind of way but I was thinking about writing one to my daddy in heaven... someone suggested that.
My husband does, though- he writes them and then just files them away somewhere... but somehow he says he feels better.
I think I should write one to that yoga "instructor" of most recent infamy- and it may or may not get sent... but at least written.
Hope you feel better, sweetie...

Posted byBlogger Regina Clare Jane @ 11:47 AM #

p.s.- I have to thank Ruby for the link to LetterLover- it's a wonderful site and has really gotten me thinking!

Posted byBlogger Regina Clare Jane @ 12:00 PM #

Hi again, Meg! I tagged you with a meme because I want to know more about you!

Posted byBlogger Regina Clare Jane @ 8:37 AM #

I think you should write to an imaginary friend... I used to write to an imaginary child...


I used to love the book 'Emily of New Moon.' She writes to her father who died. I often wonder if I could write to my grandfather. I guess I would worry about changing what I wrote when there was an audience there. What about writing to your little self? This is all a neat idea!!

Posted byBlogger megg @ 10:44 AM #

MEG!! there you are!!! Ooo, I love letters tooo!!! Especially, "Love letters." I remembered getting them in college, from a long distance love...... I would rip them open, heart thumping... ahhhh, yesss....

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