The Secret of Pistoulet!

(Saturday, February 24, 2007)

What a deliciously quiet weekend I am having. Yesterday, I spent the entire day unpacking all the kind gifts we got for my bridal shower, washing every little piece and putting them away, amidst cleaning and redecorating what will soon be my OWN! little kitchen. While it was quite the task, it was so very therapeutic and relaxing. My feet were tired, but refreshingly tired, and what will soon be my OWN! little kitchen! looks so quaint and pretty!

This afternoon, I had very much work and studying to get done. I holed myself up in my to-be's apartment and made a cosy little time of it. I walked down to the corner store and decided to treat myself with a little something to bring home. I opened the window just a little bit, cuddled up with a throw on the couch, made myself a cup of cafe Francais in one of my new Pistoulet mugs, and made an afternoon of it.

The Pistoulet dinnerware we got as a gift is so utterly charming! I still wish for the book that goes along with the set, so maybe soon I will treat myself to picking it up... then I can share the Secrets of Pistoulet with you! (I wonder what it is? Delicious soup recipes, I think...) Anyway, half the secret's how lovely all the plates and little bowls look! And the mug I enjoyed my cafe from this afternoon! The review for the book is exquisite; I'm so intrigued...

"Far away in the remote, untraveled southwestern French countryside, there is a small village which contains two homes, an eleventh-century church, and a very special farm known as Pistoulet." Thus begins The Secrets of Pistoulet, a charming and beautiful little book filled with food, magic, and love. Part fiction, part cookbook, this richly illustrated book is reminiscent of the popular Griffin and Sabine, with its collection of letters to be removed from envelopes, and recipes tucked into their own little pockets. Drawings, photographs, snippets of diaries, and mysterious maps decorate this tale of Mademoiselle J., who arrives at Pistoulet with a broken heart. There she is welcomed by the farm's tenants: Madame Claude; Monsieur Andre; the black dog, Marcel; and a chicken that lays golden eggs. Soon, such soul-strengthening dishes as Potage of Babble (guaranteed to cease excessive chatter), Potage of Passion (Cooks beware: this soup has been known to result in marriage proposals!), and Tart of Sunshine (sure to heat both body and soul) have Mademoiselle J. on the road to recovery.

The Secrets of Pistoulet packs a lot of charm into a small package. Readers who love to cook will want to try these simple, tasty recipes, though it may be difficult in some cases to follow the directions exactly ("Go to the nearest fishing port and acquire moules from the fisherman with the largest pecs and most tattoos....). Those who don't will be more than content to simply imagine these sumptuous meals as they, along with Mademoiselle J., attempt to unlock Pistoulet's magical mysteries."

So much to be done this weekend, but so much accomplished. And still many hours of the evening left to spend quietly. I think I'll run a bath and read a book and wait for my man to come home. Could I be any more content?

Until next,
-xo Meg

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Dear Meg- what a wonderful little post- it so cheered me...
I wish you have a wonderful lifetime together, your man and you, in your own little kitchen...

Posted byBlogger Regina Clare Jane @ 10:08 PM #

I am so delighted that youa re such a happy happy girl. Love abound in your life. Young and fresh and full of life. Enjoy each breath each move each blink. It counts. XXO, Vanessa (Love the dishes, love)

Posted byBlogger @ 11:35 PM #


i'm glad you're looking so forward to being in your own kitchen.

Posted byBlogger bee @ 9:54 PM #

Hey doll??? Did you get married early??? Where are ya? We miss ya!!!


Worried friend here. Hopefully you are only slightly lost in the real world.

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