Hello, old friend.

(Tuesday, June 05, 2007)

I have been gone... and now I'm done being gone. I said so last time, but last time, probably immediately after that post, I got swept up in this crazy one-day affair of excitement and joy that goes "poof" before you know it, called a WEDDING!

And now I am settled, in a place of our own. And I'm very, completely here.. and have never been so "here" and happy in my life.

So, hello again.

Until next,
-xo Meg

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so very very glad you are back! i can't wait to hear all of your news...

Posted byBlogger ruby @ 7:51 PM #

glad you're back - PLEASE give us some pictures and stories about your big day!!!!!!!!

Posted byBlogger megg @ 4:32 AM #

Whee! And congratulations, dear Meg! I was so happy to get your comment this morning! Yes, pictures please when you can and more posts, too!

Posted byBlogger Regina Clare Jane @ 10:56 AM #

You are back.. Will we ever get to share in some of your wdding photos? You were gone for so long.. Of course.. a wedding and all, means I have to forgive you.. heehehee... xxo, V

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