Sunday Scribblings.

(Sunday, October 01, 2006)

The Skin...

Of his arms, spread with a blanket of blonde down, a soft complement to the sinewy veins and muscles beneath.

Of his hands, coarse and ridged upon the thumb, smooth and ruddy upon the palms; life-lined with gentle rifts.

Of his face, veiled with the growth of strawberry blonde beard, long, soft whiskers and short, prickly stubble. Dimpled with shallow nitches upon the cheeks; wrinkled subtly with laughter at the corners of the eyes.

What a lovely exercise for Sunday Scribblings, to take note of the little nooks and crannies of the one I love, and revel secretly for a few moments in his beauty.

Until next,
-xo Meg

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this is beautiful, meg!

Posted byAnonymous Anonymous @ 9:28 PM #

Gorgeous, Meg. Love it - so sweet and tender-hearted!

Posted byBlogger Amy @ 11:37 PM #

it was so simple, and so touching.

Posted byBlogger bee @ 6:34 AM #

You paint a gorgeous word picture here. How wonderful to love someone so thoroughly.

Posted byBlogger Jerri @ 7:21 AM #

Stopping in to welcome you to Poetry Thursday. Looking forward to reading more.

Posted byAnonymous AscenderRisesAbove @ 10:17 AM #

This is beautiful! - Hey - where are you?! Everything okay there?

Posted byBlogger megg @ 2:38 PM #

meg, you should totally post again. i check like, every day. :)

Posted byAnonymous Anonymous @ 5:23 PM #
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